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Professor Vinod Pavarala

Professor Vinod Pavarala (Hyderabad) presenting his research at the first @ExeterComms research seminar of the new academic year.

The Role of NGOs in Community Radio (CR) in South Asia

On the 27th of September, the Communications programme hosted Prof. Vinod Pavarala, Senior Professor (Univ. of Hyderabad, India) and the UNESCO Chair on Community media.

Professor Pavarala, a stalwart who is at the forefront of conversations surrounding the Community and Alternative Media sectors, presented an overview of the CR sectors in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

He then went on to examine the role of non-Governmental organizations (NGOs) across the CR sector in these countries and looked at how their ever-presence in the sector was limiting the possibilities of CR as a medium.

The talk was followed by an interactive session where he answered questions across disciplines, contexts, and geographical realities and showcased how Community and Alternative Media platforms could enable dimensions of empowerment and social change.

Date: 16 September 2022

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