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Communicating Global Issues in a Changing World (CMM2005)

15 credits

Living and working in the 21st Century brings a range of challenges and opportunities at a scale that society has not faced before. A rapidly growing and more demanding world population is putting unsustainable stress on the natural environment. There is on-going inequality in distribution of wealth. For many, the supply of the key resources of water, food and energy is not secure. Climate change is putting additional pressure on already complex problems.

One of the biggest challenges in this context is how to communicate the complexities and challenges of creating and maintaining a sustainable world in a compelling way.

  • How can we communicate the uncertainties in science findings without losing focus of the core message?
  • How can we translate a complex issue into a compelling story that invites positive action?
  • How can we present an attractive image of sustainability solutions?

You will study current sustainability issues and will learn to present your findings in different styles for different target groups.